The Multi-Faceted Jobs of Paving Contractors

Preparing Your Site to Be Paved

Preparing the soil for a paving project is an important step in ensuring that the pavement will be stable. Excavating the soil is one of the first steps that should be taken to prepare the area to have pavement poured.

Excavation Is Critical For Any Durable Paving Project

Excavating the soil is often essential for the paving project to yield durable results. Without effective excavation work, the soil may be uneven or otherwise unsuitable for the layer of pavement to be poured on top of it. In addition to making the soil more even, excavating the soil can also allow you to install forms that will make it possible to ensure the pavement has the correct shape. Luckily, the excavation work may only need to remove a few inches of soil, which can minimize the impacts that this will have on the surrounding landscaping.

You Should Consider The Drainage Needs Of The Property When Excavating It

Before you have the soil excavated, you will want to plan for the drainage upgrades that may be needed. This will ensure that enough soil is removed so that the necessary components can be installed. This is particularly useful when adding buried drain lines that will carry the water that collects on the pavement and transport it to the nearest storm drain. While it may still be possible to make these upgrades after the initial excavation has been done, you may find that it will require the pavement to be poured much thicker than you had originally planned, and it could also limit the range of drainage control upgrades that you will be able to make in the future.

It Is Important To Pave the Area Soon After It Has Been Excavated

After the excavation work has been completed, it is important to have the pavement poured as quickly as possible. Long delays between the excavation work and the pouring of the concrete or asphalt can contribute to the excavated area being prone to flood, erosion, or other types of weathering. Ideally, you will want to wait no more than a few days between the excavation work and the pavement being poured. For this reason, you should work closely with knowledgeable contractors to minimize the time between the excavation and paving work. Additionally, there are paving services that can also handle the excavation work needed to prepare the site, and this may be the most efficient option for this type of work.

For more information about excavation projects, contact a local paving contractor near you to learn more.