The Multi-Faceted Jobs of Paving Contractors

Leveling and Preparing Your Site for Paving

Paving a large area like a parking lot or a road depends significantly on the surface preparation and the earthwork under the pavement. Therefore, earth grading services need to ensure the area is level and well compacted to create a usable base for the rest of the process.

Grading the Surface

Before any paving project begins, an earth grading service needs to survey the site and prepare it properly. In addition, the surface needs to be ready to receive other materials that are going on top of it. 

In some instances, this means taking the grade down several inches or more to make room for drainage, gravel, and fill material. Working with a large area can be more difficult because it often needs to be done in sections, and each of them needs to be the same, so they meet the others properly. 

There are times when the grade is not level when the contractor is done because the water needs to run off in a specific area, and incorporating that perfect pitch starts with the earthwork. The earth grading service will work from the site layout provided and can precisely incorporate slight gradients. Still, the pitch will also need to be included as other materials are added during the preparation of the site. 

Cuts and Embankments

During the earthwork phase of any paving project, the earthwork grading services will handle cutting through areas that a road or other paved surface will be placed. In addition, they will work with creating a base, and the embankments along the side of the road or paved area require the preparation and placement of gravel, soli, or other materials to create a stable site.  

The earthwork is often the longest, most expensive, and most critical part of the paving project because so much of the preparation work involves moving materials, grading the surface, and building the perfect base for the pavement to sit on.

Some situations dictate that a hill is cut into or partially removed. To protect the road or parking area created, the contractor handling the earthwork will need to grade the slope correctly to ensure that it does not all wash down onto the pavement during a rainstorm. Likewise, a raised road will often need gravel and other materials along the road edge to promote drainage and keep water from undermining the roadbed.

Earthwork grading services play a big role in any paving project, so they must have the experience and the knowledge to ensure the site preparation is done correctly. Only after the earthwork is complete can the paving contractor start putting down the asphalt and paving the areas that need it.